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Unlocking Potential Somerset (Who we are)
Unlocking Potential Somerset is an initiative of the past, present and future High Sheriffs’ of Somerset who are trustees of the Somerset Crimebeat Trust charity (SCT).

In 2018 the trustees of SCT decided to focus on helping young people moving from childhood to young teenagers, some with local or family uncertainties, to help them find pathways to realise their potential.

The High Sheriffs’ charity is working with both Weston and Bridgwater & Taunton (BTC) education colleges to deliver this programme. Both colleges are key stakeholders in Somerset further and higher education.

They combine this with a focus on apprenticeship programmes working with local and national employers from the private and public sectors. Both colleges are working alongside South Bristol Youth who have successfully delivered similar programmes over the last seven years in Bristol.

Insights to Apprenticeships Frequently Asked Questions

What is our aim?

To help those year 13-15-year olds without the necessary role model or self-motivation to provide positive pathways to academic and or apprenticeship success. It aims to help those who struggle to understand the importance of academic learning and exam achievement.

What does a typical programme include?

Improving communication skills and public speaking training has a high impact
Understanding the world of work with employers – days out including with apprentices
Activity and team building off site days to learn practical skills and perseverance
Personality profiling – to allow young teenagers to express what they like and are good at
Involvement of parents and guardians at the outset by explaining aims and celebration of success at the end of the programme.

Typical programme length?

Typical programmes last around 10 days over one academic year. The programme runs during school hours which helps to ensure full attendance with each schools full support.

Measure of success?

Success is measured via improvements in student responses, before and after the programme, to questions such as:

Statement % Increase
I have a good awareness of the types of apprenticeships available to me 82
I have experience of being in a professional working environment 73
 I know what qualifications I need for different types of apprenticeships 61
I know what my strengths are 60
I feel confident in myself 50
I know what kind of skills employers are looking for 75
I  know what a CV and application form are 50

In the words of a teacher from a school where this has been running recently:
‘Currently 90% of students that took part in this programme are looking at apprenticeships as their first option when they leave us. I firmly believe that this is a direct result of the high-end experiences they have been given throughout this programme.’

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